Saturday, 24 March 2012

Asian Dictator's review of SNSD's "TIME MACHINE"

Two days ago, when I was reviewing for my midterms I came across this new video clip of SNSD or Girl's Generation "Time Machine". Initially, I was shocked that they decided to release a video clip of a song which was released last year from their repackaged Japanese album "The Boys".
As much as I want to review the whole music video from 0:01 second to its very end, I prefer to write about specific matters that I stood out.
The first thing that reminded me of this video was the commercial they shot for "Christian Dior" whitening products, which is my all time favorite commercial they have done so far. By the way, the picture above is the scene that reminded me of the commercial.  It is also my favorite part of the video because it is so serene and breathtaking. My love ones look so beautiful.

Things I liked:
1.) The song is so good. The girls didn't scream or belt any 10 octave note. Instead, they all sang with emotions.
2.) Every member was in a different location.
3.) There were non-SNSD members in the MV! (Yoona's scenes) This is way better than the "The Boys MV" where all the girl were dancing in SM boxes.
4.) Their expressions. Although I still prefer them being cute, this is a more mature side of SNSD.

In random order,
5.) Yoona looks exquisite.
6.) Jessica looks exquisite.
7.) Seohyun looks exquisite.
8.) Yuri looks exquisite.
9.)Taeyon looks exquisite.
10.) Tiffany looks exquisite.
11.) Hyoyeon looks exquisite.
12.) Sunny looks exquisite.
13.) Sooyong looks exquisite.

However, there are some specific things I didn't like.

1.) SM please give Hyoyeon some parts. Please!! And her outfit wasn't great.
2.) Sunny looks so cute, but the way she moved was a bit awkward.
3. I'm not sure about the details of Yoona's outfit when they were all together. (picture above)
4.) The plot was confusing and a bit funny if you try to connect of all of them into a whole story.
5.) In addition, the intro was so long. In my opinion, the ending should've been long instead to clear up some things.

Overall I'll rate this video a 8 Sones out of 9. My review might be very subjective so I understand if you disagree.

SNSD Saranghae!

Asian Dictator