Saturday, 21 July 2012

Great News! Follow my tumblr blog. 
As an amateur part-time blogger who blogs about menswear and style, I definitely have a list of my favorite blogs/sites that I admire and visit on a daily basis. These blogs inspire and influence my point of view about men's fashion, and keep me updated about various kinds of men styles, trends and rules. Most importantly, they help me broaden my knowledge about men's fashion and build my taste/preferences that is classy, timeless and modern.

One of my favorite sites that is dedicated to everyday male fashion is This site  also has a tumblr account. As I was checking my tumblr dashboard, I saw a post of GSG with a gif "83 Incredible Male Style Tumblrs For 2012". I was so happy because that would be 83 new blogs that I'm going to follow. When I scrolled downwards and followed blog after blog, I reached number 70 and saw the name of my blog. I was shocked! 

Time to celebrate!
I'm going to continue to work hard and learn. After all, its my hobby and passion. Hope this kind of things will happen again in the future. Time to Celebrate!


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